Stress-intensity factors are determined for an infinite cracked orthotropic sheet adhesively bonded to an orthotropic stringer. Since the stringer is modeled as a semi-infinite sheet, the solution is most appropriate for a crack tip located near a stringer edge. Both adherends are treated as homogeneous, orthotropic media which are representative of many fiber-reinforced composite materials. The complex variable theory of elasticity was used to obtain a set of integral equations describing the problem. The integral equations are replaced by an equivalent set of algebraic equations, which are solved to obtain the shear stress distribution in the adhesive layer. From these adhesive stresses, the stress-intensity factors are found. A parametric study is conducted to determine the sensitivity of the system to material properties and specimen configuration. Unless the crack tip is very close to or under the stringer, the stress-intensity factor is approximately that of the unstiffened sheet. However, as the crack propagates beneath the stringer, the stress-intensity factor decreases significantly. Increasing the stringer stiffness or the adhesive stiffness also decreases the stress-intensity factor.

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