The stress response to various axial-torsional strain paths is discussed. The modified endochronic plasticity theory, which is formulated based on plastic-strain is used for theoretical analysis. In a sensitivity study, it is shown that a substantial amount of change in the stress response is induced by a small perturbation on the plastic-strain path. Of this change a significant amount is due to perturbation in the direction of the plastic-strain path. Several stepwise strain paths, both total-strain and plastic-strain paths, are also included in the investigation. It has been found that, when the number of steps is increased to infinity such that the strain path converges to a straight line corresponding to an in-phase path, the stress response to such a path is wildly fluctuating in the stress space if the path is a plastic-strain path, and the stress response converges to that of the in-phase path if the path is a total-strain path.

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