Thick tubes of 32.3 mm (1.27 in.) ID and wall ratio of 2.5 for SAE 4333 steel were subjected to fatigue testing after the following treatments: normal autofrettage followed by thermal shock; electropolishing; electropolishing then normal autofrettage; electropolishing then normal autofrettage then thermal shock; electropolishing then open-ended autofrettage; tempering from Rc 36 down to Rc 29. Results showed a thermal shock of 600°C for 3 s reduced the fatigue strength of autofrettaged specimens 6 to 8 percent. Electropolishing reduced the fatigue strength 13 percent for as-received bores and 6 percent for autofrettaged bores. Double tempering to Rc 29 reduced the fatigue strength 57 percent compared to Rc 36.

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