This report summarizes results of a comprehensive experimental program on the low cycle fatigue behavior of commercial grade piping steels in a high-pressure, high-temperature, oxygenated water environment. A total of 110 specimens of special design were tested in a boiling water reactor (BWR) primary water environment (500°F, 1040 psig (or 260° C, ∼ 7 MPa). Four piping steels, in several different metallurgical conditions, were involved (Types-304 and –304L stainless steels, Inconel-600 and A-516 carbon steel). Companion tests, employing the same types of specimens, were conducted in 500° F (260° C) air. The results of this work confirm the adequacy of the current ASME Section III fatigue design curves to account for the effect of a BWR primary water environment on the low cycle fatigue behavior of the four materials tested.

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