This paper presents the recent advancements and forthcoming challenges for abrasive machining with specific focus on the advancement of industrial applications. The most significant advancement of abrasive machining is in grinding applications of Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) abrasive. The advancement of CBN wheels, application of grinding models and simulation tools, development of high stiffness multi-axis grinding machines and high-speed spindles have contributed to the growing industrial applications of grinding with plated and vitrified CBN wheels. Sustainability of abrasive machining also received more attention during the past two decades as global Fortune 500 corporations have included sustainability as a corporate goal. Abrasive machining will continue to be a critical process for manufacturing precision components in the decades to come. The advancement and adoption of additive manufacturing creates more unique challenges for abrasive machining of complex geometrical features which were impossible a few years ago. Furthermore, strategies for abrasive machining are needed to utilize the massive amount of process data available by connected factories. Therefore, it is expected that sustainability and data analytics for abrasive machining will become a more important focus for various manufacturers.

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