The primary objective in this work is the determination of conditions for reducing the angular momentum fluctuations (i.e., vibration) transmitted to the frame of a completely force balanced four-bar linkage. This approach leads to relatively simple design equations for determining the inertial properties of the links for good momentum balancing. The essence of this procedure is that it yields analytical results as opposed to the computer-based search techniques required by most previously published methods, which are based on reducing the shaking forces and moments rather than the momentum fluctuations. Furthermore, this method allows for off-line mass distributions (i.e., the center of mass of the link is not on the line of pivots) and, as we show in the paper, this can result in better momentum balancing than the in-line case to which most previous works have been restricted. Some numerical examples are given and the results are compared to similar results obtained by minimizing the RMS shaking moment.

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