A Finite Element model is developed for the stability analysis of Timoshenko beam subjected to periodic axial loads. The effect of the shear deformation on the static buckling loads is studied by finite element method. The results obtained show excellent agreement with those obtained by other analytical methods for the first three buckling loads. The effect of shear deformation and for the first time the effect of rotary inertia on the regions of dynamic instability are investigated. The elastic stiffness, geometric stiffness, and inertia matrices are developed and presented in this paper for a Timoshenko beam. The matrix equation for the dynamic stability analysis is derived and solved for hinged-hinged and cantilevered Timoshenko beams and the results are presented. Values of critical loads for beams with various shear parameters are presented in a graphical form. First four regions of dynamic instability for different values of rotary inertia parameters are presented. As the rotary inertia parameter increases the regions of instability get closer to each other and the width of the regions increases thus making the beam more sensitive to periodic forces.

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