“Prestressed” externally pressurized journal bearings employing capillary restrictors as compensating elements are installed on a four-square gear testing machine for the purpose of investigating the frictional phenomena in gearing. The bearings are designed so that the position of the shafts can be aligned with the geometric axes of the bearings by operating the bearing system at zero, positive, or negative eccentricities. These operating conditions are made possible by employing capillary restrictors whose conductance is larger on the loaded side of the bearings than on the unloaded side. Analytical data are presented which give the load capacity, lubricant flow rate requirements, and stiffness of the bearing for given geometry of the bearing and capillary restrictors and for a given eccentricity ratio. In addition, analytical and experimental data are presented from which, for a given load, the required supply pressure can be selected so that the bearing system, on the gear testing machine, operates at zero eccentricity.

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