Gyp-scale deposition in producing wellbores is a recognized problem in many West Texas oil fields. The results of gyp-scale formation are usually reduced producing rates, premature well abandonment, and high operating expenses. An effective gyp removal and inhibition program is necessary for successful operation where gyp-scaling problems exist. Development of the gyp-control program presently in effect in the Means (San Andres) Unit began in 1969 when gyp was originally detected in the Grayburg-San Andres reservoir of the Means Field in Andrews County, Texas. Prior to that time, a great deal of progress had been made in the area of gyp-scale control in the Means (Queen) reservoir which overlies the Grayburg-San Andres. This paper presents a description of the Means (San Andres) Unit Gyp Scale Control Program and the results achieved with that program.

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