In this study, the uniform compression test is used to determine the flow stress of 403 stainless steel, Waspaloy, Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo, Inconel 718, Ti-8Mo-8V-2Fe-3Al, and, AISI 4340 at various forging temperatures. The ring-compression test is used to determine the flow stress of 6061 aluminum, Ti-7Al-4Mo, 403 stainless steel, Waspaloy, 17-7 PH stainless steel, Ti-6Al-4V, Inconel 718, Ti-8Al-1Mo-V, 7075 aluminum, and Udimet 700 alloy at forging temperatures. All the tests were conducted, at practical deformation rates encountered in forging, on an instrumented high-speed forging press. For the same material and at similar temperature and deformation-rate conditions, the data obtained from the uniform-compression and ring-compression tests were compared. It was found that the results obtained with rings 3-in. O.D., 1.5-in. ID and 1 in. high were practically identical to those obtained from the isothermal uniform-compression tests conducted with samples 1-in. dia and 1.5 in. high.

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