The dynamic torsional analysis of gear train systems has implemented many practical system designs. A computer analysis to predict the steady-state torsional response of a gear train system is presented in reference [1]. The current paper extends this work to the linear and nonlinear transient analysis of complex torsional gear train systems. Factors considered in the formulation are time-varying gear tooth stiffness, gear web rigidity, gear tooth backlash, shafts of nonuniform cross section, linear and nonlinear damping elements, multishock loadings, and complex-geared branched systems. For linear systems, the equations of transient motion are derived and closed-form solutions can be obtained by the state transition method [2]. For nonlinear systems, numerical methods are also presented. The method may be used as a means to analyze gear train start/stop operational problems, as well as constant speed response subject to internal and external disturbances.

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