The design problem is formulated for multi-recess hydrostatic journal bearings with a design criterion of minimum total power loss. The design is subject to the constraints of constant ratio of the recess area to the total bearing area and maximum load capacity for a given recess geometry. The L/D ratio, eccentricity ratio, ratio of recess area to total bearing area, and shaft rotational speed are considered as parameters. The analysis is based on the bearing model of Raimondi and Boyd [1]. This model is generally valid for low-to-moderate speeds and a ratio of recess area-to-total bearing area of approximately 0.5 or greater. Design charts are presented for bearings having a ratio of recess area-to-total bearing area of 0.6 and employing capillary and orifice restrictors, these being the most common types of compensating elements. A design example is given to illustrate the use of the design charts.

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