Over 150 conical frustum acrylic plastic windows were subjected to 10,000 psi hydrostatic loading of up to 1000-hr duration in deep ocean simulators maintained at 65–75 deg F ambient temperature. Axial displacements of the windows under hydrostatic loading through the conical cavity in the flange were recorded and plotted as a function of time, thickness to minor diameter ratio (t/D), and included conical angle α. Data indicate that only windows with α ≥ 90 deg and t/D ≥ 0.75 are satisfactory for sustained long-term hydrostatic loading of 1000-hr duration at 10,000 psi in ambient temperatures ≤80 deg F. For general service, which includes also cyclic pressurizations to 10,000 psi, an included angle α ≥ 90 deg and t/D ratio of ≥ 1.0 are recommended. The axial displacement of windows recommended for 10,000 psi service is approximately 0.04D after 1000 hr of sustained loading. Approximately 75 percent of this displacement takes place during the first hour of pressure application.

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