A study has been conducted to determine the low-cycle fatigue behavior of solution-annealed Incoloy 800 bar at temperatures from 800–1400 deg F. The experimental work included evaluation of specimens under both continuous, completely reversed strain cycling and under strain cycling with hold time periods at the strain limits. At 1000, 1200, and 1400 deg F, it was found that 10-min hold-times at the tensile strain limit during every cycle significantly reduced the cyclic fatigue life compared to continuous cycling. However, there was little reduction in cyclic fatigue life when 10-min hold-times were introduced at the compressive strain limits or at both the tensile and compressive limits. The ratio of hold-time cyclic fatigue life to no-hold-time cyclic fatigue life decreased as the length of hold time increased (at constant total strain range) and as the magnitude of strain range decreased (at constant hold-time length).

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