This paper is concerned with the various aspects of designing biological treatment facilities capable of removing organic contaminants from industrial wastewaters. Outlined are a sequential approach to developing a conceptual plan, formulating design criteria, and estimating capital and operating costs. Wastewater characterization data, which are a necessary prerequisite for developing basic design concepts, will be considered with respect to the functioning of the treatment processes. This will include the most prevalent organic parameters and some of the pertinent inorganic parameters which are meaningful in terms of plant operation and effluent quality criteria. The necessary bench or pilot scale studies which must precede final design will be discussed. These include the determination of oxygen and mixing requirements, hydraulic retention times in the various unit processes, and sludge-handling requirements. After translation of this information to the sizing of the various basins, mixing and oxygen-transfer equipment and other mechanical appurtenances will be discussed. Some general aspects of estimating the capital costs for these treatment processes will be included. Additionally, many of those expenditures which can be anticipated with respect to maintenance and operation of different types of aerobic plants will be stated.

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