A method is presented for the determination of the lateral distribution of pressure in thin strip rolling. A simplified three-dimensional analysis of elastic deformation of the rolls is developed for use in the method. Pressure in the roll edge contact regions (in underface rolling), as well as in the roll-strip contact region, is considered. In the case of four-high, planetary, and Sendzimir-type mills, the lateral distribution of pressure between the work roll and backup rolls is also found. Calculated results indicate lateral pressure distributions which have peak values at each edge of the strip with a minimum at the center. The degree of this nonuniformity depends on roll geometry and configuration. Partition of the total rolling force between roll-strip contact and roll edge contact in underface rolling is also determined. Since interroll heat transfer is dependent on contact area, and hence, pressure, the results can also aid the determination of lateral temperature distributions in the rolls. In addition, the method is potentially useful for a study of the influence of roll geometry and configuration on strip shape.

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