Increasing use of high-strength steels in pressure-vessel design has resulted from emphasis on decreasing the weight of pressure vessels for certain applications. To demonstrate the suitability of a 140-ksi yield strength steel for use in unwelded pressure vessels, HY-140(T)—a quenched and tempered 5Ni-Cr-Mo-V steel—was fabricated and subjected to various burst and fatigue tests, as well as to various laboratory tests. In general, results of the investigation indicated very good tensile, Charpy, Nil Ductility Transition Temperature (NDT), low-cycle fatigue, and stress-corrosion properties of HY-140(T) steels, as well as very good burst tests results, in comparison with existing high-yield strength pressure-vessel steels. The results also indicate that the HY-140(T) steel should be an excellent material for its originally designed purpose, Naval hull applications.

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