In ultrasonic grinding the abrasive gradually loses its effectiveness, and must be replaced after a given period of use (T). The rate of material removal (Q in mm3/min) is related to the time of use of the abrasive charge (τ) as follows: Qτm = constant, which resembles the Taylor tool life (T) equation for a single point tool VTn = constant, where V is the cutting speed and m and n are constants. Economic analyses for the optimum abrasive use time, optimum size of abrasive change, and best choice of abrasive may be made following the technique commonly used for single point cutting tools. In these analyses the volume rate of material removal (Q) plays the same role as cutting speed (V) does in conventional machining. This paper first discusses the wear of the abrasive in ultrasonic grinding and then considers the aforementioned economic problems.

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