This paper is primarily concerned with the vibration of vertical pressure vessels known as columns or towers.

The procedure for estimating the period of the first mode of vibration for columns which are the same diameter and thickness for their entire length is outlined. A graph is included for this purpose which recommends limits between vessels considered to be static structures and those considered dynamic.

A method for designing vessels considered as dynamic structures is described as well as a detailed procedure for estimating the period of vibration of multithickness (stepped shell) vessels and/or vessels built to two or more diameters with conical transitions where the difference in diameter is small.

There is a brief résumé of the “Karman vortexes” effect and a discussion regarding vibration damping by liquid loading and the benefit of ladders and platforms which help reduce the effect of periodic eddy shedding.

The design procedure outlined will be useful to the practical vessel designer confronted with the task of investigating vibration possibilities in vertical pressure vessels.

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