In the 1950s, he began working as a co-op student at The Cincinnati Milling Machine Company, founded in 1889; then a venerable name, now faded into oblivion. It was a place where Gene Merchant once reigned and where the word innovation echoed throughout its hallways.

Dick was a man disciplined, focused, and eager to learn. In his youth, his curiosities led him to figure out, by himself, the principle of bar codes and how to set up a machine tool and operate it. An independent soul, self-assured, and calm, he later wanted to learn all about chatter in machining, which became the topic of his dissertation for a doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Later, he was honored by his alma mater as a Distinguished Alumnus.

He married a bright, charming young lady, Linda, and together they began a life of dreams to dream and...

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