Evgeny Rivin (known as Eugene Rivin) passed away after a long battle with illness on June 6, 2011, five days short of his 79th birthday. He has been a Fellow of ASME, SME, and CIRP—International Academy for Production Engineering (CIRP—French acronym for College International pour la Recherche en Productique) and had a distinguished career in industry and academia.

Evgeny (Eugene) Rivin

June 11, 1932–June 6, 2011

Eugene obtained his engineering education at the Moscow Machine Tool Institute (STANKIN—Moscow State Technological University) with a Mech. Eng. Diploma with honors, degree equivalent to M.Sc., 1954, and Candidate of Science M.E. equivalent to Ph.D., 1962, crowned with the degree of Doctor of Sciences in Mech. Eng. (Sc.D.) in 1971—the highest degree in the USSR, certified by the State Supreme Attestation Board.

After three years in the manufacturing industry, in 1957, Eugene Rivin joined the...

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