Professor Marsh is at the Penn State University Mechanical Engineering faculty working in the field of precision engineering.

His book Precision Spindle Metrology (161 pages) starts with a case study of a CNC lathe demonstrating effects of spindle error motions to a turned workpiece. This is followed by a brief history of spindle testing, starting with Schlesinger and Tlusty and ending with ASME B89.3.4 standard Axis of Rotation which is the basis for definitions and expressions used in the book.

Therefore the book opens the world of axial, radial, tilt and face error motion (instead of runout), influence of the structural loop, fixed and rotating sensitive direction, average and asynchronous error motion, and thermal drift. Excellent figures help in understanding these error motions and differentiations as well as their effects on a workpiece.

Two chapters are dedicated to testing spindles and...

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