It gives me great pleasure to introduce the new ASME Letters in Dynamic Systems and Control (ALDSC). This is not only a new journal under the ASME banner, but it also represents a new type of journal offering for ASME. In contrast to other offerings, the new ASME Letters provides an opportunity for rapid publication of shorter papers describing novel, high-quality, cutting-edge original findings.

This new publication will disseminate the state-of-the-art in dynamic systems and control research, both theoretical and applied. ALDSC will provide the global engineering community with a forum to communicate the emerging research ideas that will shape future efforts in dynamic systems and control. Topics include, but are not limited to, modeling, identification, diagnostics, intelligent systems, mechatronics, automotive and transportation systems, bio-systems and health care, energy systems, robotics, vibrations, and smart structures. And of course, new topics yet to be envisioned will also be part of the scope of this new journal. Review papers covering a particular topic in more depth are also encouraged. In addition, we also hope to feature new developments in control education.

The process for creating the new ALDSC was surprisingly quick and painless. After having experimented with a Dynamic Systems and Control magazine for several years, the DSC Division (DSCD) was looking for an alternative mechanism for publishing short papers. Interestingly, at the same time, ASME was looking for interest in creating a new Letters journal format. DSCD Executive Committee Member Santosh Devasia took the lead in preparing a formal proposal to ASME. Mary Grace Stefanchik, Manager, ASME Publications Development, and Colin McAteer, ASME Journals Manager, were both extremely helpful in providing suggestions for improving the proposal. Once the proposal was reviewed by the ASME Technical Committee on Publications and Communications (TCPC), headed by Jane Davidson, we received additional constructive feedback to strengthen the proposal. The DSCD Executive Committee, under the direction of Robert Landers, was also extremely supportive in bringing this new publication to fruition.

As we have made the first steps toward creating this new journal, we have also received lots of help from ASME Publishing, under Managing Director Philip DiVietro, with additional assistance from Michael Wadman, Marketing Manager, Beth Darchi, Publishing Administrator, Tara Smith, Production Coordinator, and other ASME Staff. I am grateful to them for all their help to launch this inaugural issue.

Of course, a journal requires an able set of Associate Editors to ensure that all the papers are of high quality. I have been blessed with a dedicated group of Associate Editors to help me in this endeavor. Here, I would like to name the inaugural set of editors: Jordan Berg, Garrett Clayton, Levi DeVries, Kam Leang, Alex Leonessa, Reza Tafreshi, Qian Wang, Warren White, and George Zhu. I am truly grateful to them for offering to help me get timely reviews of the first batch of papers to be submitted to the ALDSC. And of course, I am also appreciative of all the Reviewers that have put in their time to prepare meaningful reviews of each paper.

Finally, I would like to thank the authors for having enough confidence in this new journal to be willing to submit their manuscripts. I am honored and humbled to have been given the opportunity to serve as the founding Technical Editor for the ALDSC. It is my hope that this new publication will become the journal of choice for publishing new and emerging developments in dynamic systems and control.