In recent machining processes, 5-axis controlled machine tool is widely used for machining complicated workpiece shape with curved surface. In such process, to achieve high productivity, planning method of cutting conditions to satisfy both following the commanded tool feed rate in machining process and realization of good surface roughness are required. In conventional study, it is known that lead angle of tool posture against local machined surface influence the surface roughness. Then, common commercial CAM systems have already functioned to avoid interference and control the lead angle in each cutter location. However, in the generated cutter locations by the conventional algorithms, when the tool posture changes rapidly, there is a problem that actual feed rate does not reach the command value and machining time becomes longer than expected. In this paper, we propose the new tool posture correction algorithm. In the proposed method, first, the rotational axis that causes the feed speed rate decline is specified by preliminary experiments. And, the jerk value that is the threshold for the feed speed decline is investigated. After that, for the NC program, the command value of the target axis is modified within a range where interference of cutting tool does not occur, thereby preventing a decline in the actual feed rate. This paper describes an outline of the proposed modification method and the effect of the modification of the target axis positions on the lead angle and the actual feed rate.

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