Ultra–Agile Advanced Manufacturing System (U–AMS) has been proposed for an agile prototyping system of research and development, and Super Processing Center (SPC) has been developing as a core machine tool of U–AMS. SPC has high accuracy and rigidity by double column structure based on a vertical precision machining center, hydrostatic oil guides and hydro static/dynamic hybrid oil bearing. In addition, SPC can perform various processing functions by mounting various processing units. Micro grooving by grinding has been researching for one of the SPC unit. PCD blade was developed for micro grooving using SPC. PCD blade was made from PCD disc using wire electrical discharge machining. This paper describes the fabrication method of PCD blade, and the machining characteristics of cemented carbide using PCD blade. In the fabrication method of PCD blade, it was clarified that the cross-sectional shape of PCD blade depended on the feed speed of wire electrode. Micro grooving on cemented carbide surface was performed using developed PCD blade and SPC. As a result, it was confirmed that the micro grooves can be machined using PCD blade, and the width of groove was almost same value as the width of PCD blade. The wear of PCD blade after grooving with 200 grooves was estimated by the depth of grooves. As a result, it was clarified that the wear of PCD blade is approximately 5 μm.

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