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Origami Virtual Special Issue

List of Articles from ASME Digital Collection.

Journal of Applied Mechanics

Hexagonal Ring Origami Assemblies: Foldable Functional Structures With Extreme Packing

Experimental and Numerical Investigation on Radial Stiffness of Origami-Inspired Tubular Structures

Bio-Inspired Origami Metamaterials With Metastable Phases Through Mechanical Phase Transitions

Origami-Based Bistable Metastructures for Low-Frequency Vibration Control

Journal of Computational and Nonlinear Dynamics

Deployment Dynamics of Miura Origami Sheets

Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

Reversed-Torsion-Type Crush Energy Absorption Structure and Its Inexpensive Partial-Heating Torsion Manufacturing Method Based on Origami Engineering

Sequential Self-Folding of Shape Memory Polymer Sheets by Laser Rastering Toward Origami-Based Manufacturing

Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology

Experimental Evaluation of Tension and Shear Responses of Material Discontinuities in Origami-Based Sheet Metal Bending

Journal of Mechanical Design

A Phase Diagram-Based Stability Design Method for a Symmetrical Origami Waterbomb Base

Variational Level Set Method for Topology Optimization of Origami Fold Patterns

Approaches for Minimizing Joints in Single-Degree-of-Freedom Origami-Based Mechanisms

Design of an Origami Bendy Straw for Robotic Multistable Structures

Embedded Actuation for Shape-Adaptive Origami

Geometry-Based Thick Origami Simulation

Particle Swarm Optimization-Based Metaheuristic Design Generation of Non-Trivial Flat-Foldable Origami Tessellations With Degree-4 Vertices

Conceptualizing Stable States in Origami-Based Devices Using an Energy Visualization Approach

Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics

Soft Origami: Classification, Constraint, and Actuation of Highly Compliant Origami Structures

A Six Degrees-of-Freedom Soft Robotic Joint With Tilt-Arranged Origami Actuator

Locking Zipper-Coupled Origami Tubes for Deployable Energy Absorption

A Novel Morphing Propeller System Inspired by Origami-Based Structure

Increasing Reliability of Self-Folding of the Origami Hypar

Robust design and evaluation of a novel modular origami-enabled mobile robot (OSCAR)

Rigid-Foldable Mechanism Inspired by Origami Twisted Tower

Toward the Design of Kresling Tower Origami As a Compliant Building Block

A Computational Design Synthesis Method for the Generation of Rigid Origami Crease Patterns

Folding Responses of Origami-Inspired Structures Connected by Groove Compliant Joints

Reprogrammable Kinematic Branches in Tessellated Origami Structures

A Novel Origami-Inspired Delta Mechanism With Flat Parallelogram Joints

An Origami-Based Medical Support System to Mitigate Flexible Shaft Buckling

A Bar and Hinge Model for Simulating Bistability in Origami Structures With Compliant Creases

Rigidly Foldable Thick Origami Using Designed-Offset Linkages

Origami-Layer-Jamming Deployable Surgical Retractor With Variable Stiffness and Tactile Sensing

Folding of Thick Origami Through Regionally Sandwiched Compliant Sheets

Conditions for Rigid and Flat Foldability of Degree- n Vertices in Origami

Rigid and Flat Foldability of a Degree-Four Vertex in Origami

Folding Process Planning of Rigid Origami Using the Explicit Expression and Rapidly Exploring Random Tree Method

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