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Medical Mechanical Engineering Virtual Special Issue

Browse our broad collection of medical mechanical engineering related resources

Proceedings Papers

Hydraulic Test Stand to Model Circulatory System Dynamics for Artificial Heart Evaluation

A Prototype Left Ventricular Assist Artificial Heart Pump: An Integrated Permanent Magnet and Active Magnetic Bearing Suspension System

Evaluation of Syncardia Total Artificial Heart Using Device Thrombogenicity Emulator

Hydrogel Based Artificial Heart Valve Stent

Heart Assist Devices Equipped With Ionic-Polymeric-Platinum Composite Artificial Muscles

Modular Prosthetic Design for Transtibial Child Amputees

Testing of a Robotic Prosthetic Leg

Boone’s Buddies: Design of a Prosthetic Rear Limb Set for Dogs With Severe Amputations

Vibrotactile Sleeve to Improve Music Enjoyment of Cochlear Implant Users

A Simple Manual Roller Wheel Insertion Tool for Electrode Array Insertion in Minimally Invasive Cochlear Implant Surgery

Experimental Study of Cochlear Dynamics With an Intracochlear Acoustic Micro-Actuator

An Instrumented Medical Hammer With Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Pedagogical Applications

Design Of Fabric-Reinforced Polyurethane Composites For Aortic And Other Cardiac Constructs

Design of a Muscle-Powered Soft Robotic Bi-VAD for Long-Term Circulatory Support

3D Printing in Medicine: Challenges Beyond Technology

3D Printing Material Testing and Applications in Biomaterial Modeling for Pediatric Medical Trainers

A Comparative Study of Surface Cleaning Treatments for 3D Printed Medical Implants

Computational Design Generation and Evaluation of Beam-Based Tetragonal Bravais Lattice Structures for Tissue Engineering

Review of Cardiac Pacemaker Lead Designs for Computational Models in a VR Environment

Shape Memory Alloy As Artificial Muscles for Facial Prosthesis

Vibration-Assisted Insertion of Flexible Neural Microelectrodes With Bio-Dissolvable Guides for Medical Implantation

On The Design Of Ultra-Wide Band Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna For Biomedical Sensors

A Wearable Biomedical Motion Sensor Employing a Vibration Energy Harvester

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