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Virtual Special Issue - Bioprinting

ASME looks to assist researchers and anyone looking for bioprinting learning resources.

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Ink Rheology Regulates Stability of Bioprinted Strands

Viscoelastic Properties of Bioprinted Alginate Microbeads Compared to Their Bulk Hydrogel Analogs

Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer

A Modular Three-Dimensional Bioprinter for Printing Porous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering

Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

Investigation and Characterization of Cell Aggregation During and After Inkjet-Based Bioprinting of Cell-Laden Bioink

Applying Layer-by-Layer Photo-Crosslinking in Green Bioprinting: Shape Fidelity and Cell Viability of Printed Hydrogel Constructs Containing Algae Cells

Bioprinting Using Algae: Effects of Extrusion Pressure and Needle Diameter on Cell Quantity in Printed Samples

Feasible Regions of Bioink Composition, Extrusion Pressure, and Needle Size for Continuous Extrusion-Based Bioprinting

Nanoclay Suspension-Enabled Extrusion Bioprinting of Three-Dimensional Soft Structures

Towards an Ultra-Affordable Three-Dimensional Bioprinter: A Heated Inductive-Enabled Syringe Pump Extrusion Multifunction Module for Open-Source Fused Deposition Modeling Three-Dimensional Printers

Journal of Medical Devices

Biologic: H-Bot Kinematics Based Multi-Micro-Extrusion Bioprinter

Designing an Interchangeable Multi-Material Nozzle System for the Three-Dimensional Bioprinting Process

Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing

Physical Modification of Hybrid Hydrogels to Fabricate Full-Scale Construct Using Three-Dimensional Bio-Printing Process

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