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Proceedings Papers

Fluids Engineering

Fluids Engineering

11th International Symposium on Measurements and Modeling of Environmental Flows

Forum on Fluids Engineering in Micro- and Nano-systems

Forum on Fundamental Issues and Perspectives in Fluid Mechanics

Forum on Industrial Flows

Forum on Liquid Atomization and Spray Combustion

Topics: Fluids

Forum on Recent Developments in Multiphase Flow


Symposium on Electric and Magnetic Phenomena in Micro- and Nano-Scale Systems

Symposium on Multiphase Heat-Mass Transfer and Melting/Solidification in Manufacturing and Material Processing

Symposium on Rheology and Fluid Mechanics on Nonlinear Materials

IMECE 2006; 993-1000doi:

Young Engineer Paper (YEP) Contest

IMECE 2006; 1001-1009doi:
IMECE 2006; 1011-1025doi:
IMECE 2006; 1027-1036doi:
IMECE 2006; 1037-1044doi:
IMECE 2006; 1045-1053doi:
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