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Proceedings Papers

ASME 2003 9th International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management and Environmental Remediation
September 21–25, 2003
Oxford, England
Conference Sponsors:
  • Nuclear Engineering Division and Environmental Engineering Division
In This Volume
9th ASME International Conference on Radioactive Waste Management and Environmental Remediation: Volumes 1, 2, and 3

National and International D&D Programs

L/ILW Programs and Facilities

Clearance Levels for Radioactive Waste and NORM

Waste Minimization, Avoidance and Recycling in Nuclear Power

Life Cycle Economics and Cost Benefit Analysis

Separation Technologies/Strategies for Transmutation

Contamination Risk, Fate and Transport Assessment for ER

Storage and Disposal of HLW, SF and Transuranics

Storage of Spent Fuel

Dismantling, Demolition and Simulation Technologies

D&D Radiological Characterization and Monitoring

Technical and Public Acceptance Criteria for Disposal or for Clearance

Siting, Development, and Operation of L/ILW Disposal Facilities

Quality Assurance, Verification, and Control

Experience in Radiological Contaminant Cleanup

Poster Session for Low-Intermediate Level Waste, Decontamination and Decommissioning, Environmental Remediation, and Environmental Management/Public Involvement

ER Management Approaches and ER Programs

Safety and Health Initiatives, Issues, and Program Developments

Group Discussion: Safety and Health Initiatives, Issues, and Program Developments

D&D Leasons Learned

D&D Management Approaches and Planning Tools

Disposal Site and Waste Form Characterization and Performance Assessment

L/ILW Waste Characterization, Assay, and Tracking Systems

Major Disposal Studies and Near Surface Effects

Important Long-Term Parameters for Safety Cases

National and International EM Programs

Management Approaches and Planning Tools

ICEM 2003; 1001-1010doi:
ICEM 2003; 1011-1016doi:

Experience in Hazardous and Mixed Contaminant Cleanup

ICEM 2003; 1017-1023doi:
ICEM 2003; 1025-1033doi:
ICEM 2003; 1035-1040doi:
ICEM 2003; 1041-1049doi:

Uranium Mining and Milling Environmental Remediation

ICEM 2003; 1051-1059doi:
ICEM 2003; 1061-1065doi:
ICEM 2003; 1067-1072doi:
ICEM 2003; 1073-1081doi:
ICEM 2003; 1083-1090doi:
ICEM 2003; 1091-1094doi:

D&D Cleanup and Release Standards for Sites and Materials

ICEM 2003; 1095-1099doi:
ICEM 2003; 1101-1103doi:
ICEM 2003; 1105-1110doi:
ICEM 2003; 1111-1115doi:
ICEM 2003; 1117-1120doi:
ICEM 2003; 1121-1126doi:

Treatment, Management, and Recycle of D&D Waste

ICEM 2003; 1127-1136doi:
ICEM 2003; 1137-1143doi:
ICEM 2003; 1145-1153doi:
ICEM 2003; 1155-1162doi:
ICEM 2003; 1163-1171doi:
ICEM 2003; 1173-1178doi:

Liquid Waste Treatment Process and Experience

ICEM 2003; 1179-1181doi:
ICEM 2003; 1183-1190doi:
ICEM 2003; 1191-1196doi:
ICEM 2003; 1197-1201doi:
ICEM 2003; 1203-1208doi:

HLW, Fissile, TRU, and SNF Short and Long-Term Storage

ICEM 2003; 1209-1214doi:
ICEM 2003; 1215-1219doi:
ICEM 2003; 1221-1229doi:
ICEM 2003; 1231-1237doi:

Developments of Borosilicate Glass Alternatives for Immobilization

ICEM 2003; 1239-1242doi:
ICEM 2003; 1243-1248doi:
ICEM 2003; 1249-1255doi:
ICEM 2003; 1257-1264doi:
ICEM 2003; 1265-1269doi:
ICEM 2003; 1271-1276doi:

Poster Session for L/ILW and HLW/SNF

ICEM 2003; 1277-1285doi:
ICEM 2003; 1287-1292doi:
ICEM 2003; 1293-1296doi:
ICEM 2003; 1297-1303doi:
ICEM 2003; 1305-1311doi:
ICEM 2003; 1313-1318doi:
ICEM 2003; 1319-1326doi:
ICEM 2003; 1327-1331doi:
ICEM 2003; 1333-1339doi:
ICEM 2003; 1341-1343doi:
ICEM 2003; 1345-1349doi:
ICEM 2003; 1351-1357doi:
ICEM 2003; 1359-1365doi:
ICEM 2003; 1367-1373doi:
ICEM 2003; 1375-1382doi:

Environmental Management Policies and Regulations

ICEM 2003; 1383-1387doi:
ICEM 2003; 1389-1393doi:
ICEM 2003; 1395-1402doi:
ICEM 2003; 1403-1408doi:
ICEM 2003; 1409-1415doi:
ICEM 2003; 1417-1423doi:

Solid Waste Volume Reduction, Treatment, and Packaging Experience

ICEM 2003; 1425-1433doi:
ICEM 2003; 1435-1443doi:
ICEM 2003; 1445-1450doi: