During more than one decade of studying initiation phenomenology numerous papers at the previous HVIS and other symposia ([1] - [12]) were published. Most of them dealt with the hypervelocity impact initiation of plastic bonded high explosive charges by shaped charge jets (SCJ) and a few ones reported results in the ordnance velocity impact regime with STANAG projectiles and explosively formed projectiles (EFP) ([2] & [11]). A recent finding of our investigations of shaped charge jet (SCJ) attacks suggests that the critical stimulus S = v2∙d (v = SCJ / projectile velocity; d = SCJ / projectile diameter) for the initiation of a munition can no longer be seen as a constant (S ≠ const.) ([11] & [10]). Also, known equations, e.g. Jacobs-Roslund [13], are not capable to describe low velocity and hypervelocity impacts with the same parameter set.

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