In this paper, with different cone angles of the liner, the effects of the additional body’s material, thickness, and diameter on the velocity are studied by AUTODYN-2D. The results show as follows: 1. The additional body can increase the top velocity of the jet but has little effect on the tail velocity. 2. When the cone angle is larger, the velocity increases more, about 36%, and the velocity gradient is greater at the head of the jet. 3. There is little influence of material yield strength, but there is a large correlation with density. With the increase of material density, the velocity and velocity gradient increase. 4. The larger the density of the additional body, the smaller the optimum thickness. When the thickness is not less than the optimum thickness, an increase in the diameter of the additional body can improve the velocity and stability of the jet. Consequently, this kind of hyper-cumulation structure with a flat plate additional body is more suitable to improve the classical liner with a large cone angle. By modifying the design of the shaped charge in this way, the velocity of the jet can be improved effectively, enhancing the penetration power compared with the classical one.

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