Jet impingement finds an important role in several industrial applications which require high thermal-hydraulic performance of heat exchange systems. The self-exciting sweeping jets produced by fluidic oscillators provide superior thermal and hydraulic performance as compared to plain jets. The fluidic oscillator increases the jet impingement area on the target surface by maintaining a steady and controlled oscillatory flow. The continuous advancements in the design improvement of fluidic oscillators have led to further enhancements of heat and fluid flow characteristics. In this context, double feedback fluidic oscillators have shown promising jet flow control features and jet impingement cooling characteristics. Therefore, the current study has been devoted to analyzing and assessing the recent research progress in design improvements of double feedback fluid oscillators and the augmentation of thermal-hydraulic characteristics of impinging sweeping. Moreover, the variations in the heat transfer and hydraulic performance of impinging jets for different shapes of target surfaces have been comprehensively examined. In the end, research gaps for future work have been highlighted.

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