The present investigation explores the dynamic effects of wall motion on turbulent flow and thermal characteristics of dual jet. The effects of variation in Reynolds number (Re) and offset ratio (OR) on different heat transfer and flow characteristics of turbulent dual jet have also been elucidated. The Reynolds number of flow and offset ratio are considered in the range Re = 10000-25000 and OR = 5-13, respectively. The wall to jet velocity ratio (Uw) is varied in the range 0-2 at an interval of 0.5. The motion of wall strongly affects the thermal behavior and several flow characteristics of dual jet. The nature of velocity profile in vector diagram changes from parabolic to linear in far field region due to the motion of wall. The dual jet flow exhibits different patterns of self similar profiles for different values of velocity ratio. The value of maximum longitudinal velocity (Umax ) at a given axial position increases with increase in impingement wall velocity. The exhaustive parametric study of dual jet flow over moving wall reveals the fact that the process of heat transfer from heated moving wall to fluid is more intense for higher value of Reynolds number and offset ratio, and for isoflux boundary condition. For the moving wall case, the maximum enhancement in heat transfer with reference to stationary wall has been found to be 45.31%.

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