Reactive flow happens in carbonate rocks which are porous media during acidification. In the present study, a thermochemical dissolution model based on the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) is established to investigate the complex thermochemical process in porous media with immiscible phase at pore scale. In the model, the immiscible fluid flow, solute transport and heat transfer are solved by Shan-Chen multicomponent LB model, mass transport LB model and multicomponent thermal LB model, respectively. The porous media is generated by the quartet structure generation set (QSGS), and the evolution of solid phase is addressed by volume of pixel (VOP) method. The detailed thermochemical process in porous media with immiscible phase is revealed, and the effects of velocity, concentration and temperature on mass and heat transfer are further analyzed. The results show that increasing inlet velocity, inlet concentration and temperature accelerates acidizing, and influences the temperature evolution in porous media significantly.

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