The nucleate pool boiling is a useful technique of heat dissipation in a variety of thermal applications. This study investigates the effect of the gridded metal surface (GMS) with and without protrusions on the heat transfer from a surface maintained at a temperature above the saturation temperature of water. The experimental data have been collected pertaining to boiling heat transfer at atmospheric pressure by varying the grid size of gridded metal surface with protrusions from 6 mm to 22.5 mm placed over a boiling surface having micro-porous coating. The mean particle diameter of coating is varied as 11, 24 and 66 µm during the experimentation. It is observed that the increase in the boiling heat transfer coefficient of the aluminium disk with GMS with protrusions of grid size 11.5 mm compared to that of the smooth boiling surface is found to be 10.7%. Furthermore, the effect of GMS having protrusions with coated surface on the heat transfer is studied. The results showed that by using GMS having protrusions and with coated surface, the heat transfer is further enhanced. The boiling heat transfer coefficient obtained in case of GMS with protrusions (grid size = 11.5 mm) and micro-porous coated surface (d_(m )= 66 µm) shows the maximum enhancement of 39.93% in comparison to the smooth surface.

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