A numerical rigid-lid model for wind driven circulation and temperature fields in closed basins has been developed. The horizontal momentum equations each include the non-steady, non-linear inertia, Coriolis, pressure gradient and all three viscous terms. The energy equation includes the non-steady, convective and all three diffusion terms. The hydrostatic and Boussinesq approximations have been used. A Poisson equation derived from the vertically integrated horizontal momentum equations has been used as the predictive equation for surface pressure. An iterative scheme with normalization has been developed to solve the Poisson equation for pressure with Neumann boundary conditions. A vertically normalized system of equations which maps variable depth domains to a constant depth has been used. The model has been applied to a pond located near Cleveland, Ohio. The effect of topography and buoyancy on wind driven circulation has been investigated. The relative importance of the terms in the transport equations has been analyzed.

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