Transient boiling heat transfer for exponential heat input to a platinum wire supported horizontally in a pool of water was investigated. Transient boiling heat transfer coefficient, transient DNB heat flux, and transient maximum heat flux were obtained for exponential periods ranging from 5 ms to 10 s and for system pressures ranging from 0.1 to 2.1 MPa. Transient boiling heat transfer coefficient after the commencement of boiling becomes lower than the steady boiling heat transfer coefficient at the same heat flux. This was explained to be as a result of the time lag of the activation of originally flooded cavities for the increasing rate of the heat input. Initial heat flux was varied from zero to near the steady maximum heat flux. Effect of initial boiling condition on transient DNB and maximum heat fluxes was negligible. Mechanism of transient boiling heat transfer beyond steady DNB heat flux was suggested.

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