Experiments for air flowing upward in a vertical circular tube are presented for heating rates causing significant property variation. Entering Reynolds numbers vary from 3800 to 8500 with the dimensionless heating parameter, qw/(Gcp, iTi), varying from 0.001 to 0.0055. Data include the first developing internal profiles for the apparent reverse transition from turbulent to laminar flow due to heating. Emphasis is placed on internal temperature distributions, t(x, r), taken at axial stations from about 3–25 dia after the start of heating. The flow regimes range from nearly constant property, turbulent flow to strongly heated laminarizing flow. Results for strongly heated flows show a definite increase in the thickness of both the linear sublayer and the viscous sublayer. For laminarized flow, the linear sublayer extends about half the distance to the cener line of the tube or more.

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