The effects of square and reentrant entrances on flow regimes (no “appreciable” separation, large transitory stall, and fully developed two-dimensional stall) and local heat-transfer coefficients were determined with air flowing through a symmetrical, plane-wall, two-dimensional subsonic diffuser with one of the diverging walls heated and maintained isothermal. Flow and heat-transfer studies were made for the following ranges: 2θ = 0 to 45 deg, L/W = 6 to 18, and Rextut = 4 × 104 to 3 × 105. Results indicated that 2θ, L/W, and entrance configuration greatly affected the flow regime and heat transfer. Equations relating Um to Ut, Ur to Ut, and equations of the type Nu = C Pr0.6Rex0.8 are presented. For the configurations tested, heat-transfer rates were greater for reentrant than for square entrances.

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