Experimental data are presented for heat transfer to the turbulent boundary layer subjected to transpiration and acceleration at constant values of the acceleration parameter K = (ν/U2)(dU/dx) of approximately 1.45 × 10−6. This is a moderately strong acceleration, but not so strong as to result in laminarization of the boundary layer. The results for transpiration fractions F of −0.002, 0.0, and +0.0058 are presented in detail in tabular form, and in graphs of Stanton number versus enthalpy thickness Reynolds number. In addition, temperature profiles at several stations are presented. Stanton number results for F = −0.004, +0.002, and +0.004 are also presented, but in graphical form only. The data were obtained using air as both the free-stream and the transpired fluid, at relatively low velocities, and with temperature differences sufficiently low (approximately 40 deg F) that the influence of temperature-dependent fluid properties is minimal. All data were obtained with the surface maintained at a temperature invariant in the direction of flow.

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