Reproducible and consistent data were obtained for heat transfer to pool-boiling mercury from horizontal, 304 stainless steel, cylindrical heaters at heat fluxes up to 1,100,000 Btu/hr· ft2. One actual burnout determination was made during the course of the study. In other runs, a heat-flux level was reached where the slope of the boiling curve decreased significantly so that subsequent increases in heat flux were accompanied by large increases in ΔT. This heat-flux level was termed the “departure heat flux.” Observed maximum departure heat fluxes ranged from 400,000 Btu/hr·ft2 for a 2-in. pool depth above the heater to 950,000 Btu/hr·ft2 for an 8.5-in. depth. The burnout correlations of Noyes [17, 22] and Addoms [1] satisfactorily predicted the maximum departure heat fluxes for each pool depth studied.

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