The present study was performed in order to determine the effects of upstream mass injection on downstream heat transfer in a reacting laminar boundary layer. The study differs from numerous previous investigations in that no similarity assumptions have been made. The complete set of coupled reacting laminar boundary layer equations with discontinuous mass injection was solved for this problem using an integral-matrix technique. The effects of mass injection on heat transfer to both sharp and blunt-nosed isothermal flat plates were studied for a Mach 2 freestream. The amount of injection and the length of the injected region were varied for each body. Heat transfer rates were found to decrease markedly in the injected region. A sharp rise in heat transfer was found immediately downstream of the region of injection followed by an asymptotic approach to the heat transfer rates calculated for the case of no injection. An insulating effect was found to persist for a considerable distance downstream from the injection region. The distance required for this insulating effect to die out was found to depend on the length of the injection region as well as the rate of injection.

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