The effects of both velocity and current upon the temperature distribution within, and the cross-sectional shape of, steady-state 1.1 atm argon crossflow arcs have been determined experimentally. The tests were conducted over one range at constant current (I = 60.3 amp), U = 0, 41.8 ≤ Ucm/sec ≤ 127.0 and another range at constant velocity (U = 41.8 cm/sec), 42.5 ≤ Iamp ≤ 80.8. Forced convection (at constant arc current) exerts a profound influence upon the crossflow arc. At higher velocities, forced convection appears to completely penetrate the plasma. The effect of increasing current (at constant velocity) is to shield a central core region from the flow field. As a result of the effects of velocity, electrode design, interactions of the electrode jets, and slight misalignment of the jets, neither the isotherms nor the cross sections can be considered to be generally circular, even at the higher currents.

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