Experimental local heat transfer data are presented for natural convection on constant-heat-flux inclined surfaces using water and air. The data extend to Grz* Pr = 1016, cover angles from the vertical to 30 deg with the horizontal, and include the laminar, transition, and turbulent regimes. In the laminar regime the data correlate well with vertical plate theory when the gravitational component parallel to the surface is used. Transition is strongly affected by inclination, the transition Grz* Pr decreasing from near 1013 for vertical surfaces to approximately 108 for a surface at 30 deg to the horizontal. The turbulent local heat transfer data correlate using the actual gravity rather than the parallel component, and indicates a change in the Grz* Pr exponent from near 0 22 for a vertical surface to approximately 1/4 as the inclination decreases. The turbulent data can be correlated quite well by Nuz = 0.30(Grz* Pr)0.24.

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