In the present study, the steady laminar forced convection problem of heat transfer in the fully developed constant property flow of liquids through a certain class of channels is analyzed by considering the contribution of heat due to viscosity. The effects of viscous dissipation on the heat transfer are emphasized. A class of sufficiently long straight channels with uniform cross-sectional area is chosen such that the solutions for velocity and temperature fields are deducible directly from the equations of the boundary curves. The wall temperature is allowed to vary linearly in the axial direction, and some heat-source distribution, other than that due to viscosity, is imagined to be present in the flow field. The general solution of the problem for the given class of channels is given directly by avoiding the details of the mathematical treatment of the governing equations. To illustrate the general mathematical derivations and to visualize the effects of viscous dissipation, some basic examples have been investigated and the graphical representation of several relevant results is given in a number of figures. In the last section of this study, various relevant results and figures have been discussed from the point of view of viscous dissipation phenomena.

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