Experimental measurements are presented for the nucleate boiling of benzene, diphenyl, and benzene-diphenyl mixtures on a 3/8-in. od horizontal tube. The data were obtained in a pool boiling apparatus at pressures ranging from 13.5 to 488.5 psia. For the pure fluids, the nucleate boiling heat-transfer data were best correlated by the Rohsenow [12], Gilmour [8], and Levy [10] equations. Critical heat flux data reported for these fluids are correlated with those in the literature. The critical heat flux values for the pure fluids were best correlated by the Bernath relationship [1]; however, none of the literature expressions adequately predicted the large increases in critical heat flux that were obtained when small percentages of benzene were added to diphenyl. Similar increases in critical heat flux, when small amounts of volatile components are added, have been noted before, but no generalized correlations have been advanced. Some of the discrepancy may be due to inadequate knowledge of physical property data for the mixtures and failure to account for the mass transfer which occurs in bubble growth of multicomponent mixtures.

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