This work provides a general tool for accurate multidimensional transient analysis by means of polynomial heat conduction transfer functions (CTF) which are valid for the whole class of objects having the same geometric shape. With this aim the governing conduction equations were turned into dimensionless variables, such as the well known Biot number (Bi) and Fourier modulus (Fo), and thereafter handled through a finite-element technique to create the CTF with respect to any arbitrary point of the conductive field. In addition, by selecting the nondimensional time interval (ΔFo) according to the sampling theorem, i.e., as a function of Bi, the CTF were scheduled in the form of one-entry tables. The Bi incremental values were furthermore assessed to provide, for any input function, temperature histories within equal percent deviations, say 10 percent. Since for many purposes a five percent tolerance will usually suffice, the CTF tables can be used without the necessity of interpolating. As an example, generalized CTF tables are presented for the central and one of the corner points of a cube.

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