The evaporation of isolated drops (2.1−3.0 mm diameter) of nonazeotropic n-pentane/n-hexane mixtures in the medium of water was observed under pressures of 0.11−0.46 MPa and temperature differences up to 27 K. The mole fractions of n-pentane, x, in the mixtures were set at 0.9, 0.5, 0.1, and 0, to be completed by the condition x = 1 set in a preceding work (Shimaoka and Mori, 1990). Experimental results are presented in terms of the instantaneous rise velocity of, and an expression of instantaneous heat transfer to, each drop evaporating and thereby transforming into a liquid/vapor two-phase bubble and finally into a vapor bubble. The dependencies of the heat transfer characteristics on the pressure, the temperature difference, and x are discussed.

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