Splattering and heat transfer due to impingement of an unsubmerged, fully turbulent liquid jet is investigated experimentally and analytically. Heat transfer measurements were made along a uniformly heated surface onto which a jet impacted, and a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer was used to measure the size, velocity, and concentration of the droplets splattered after impingement. Splattering is found to occur in proportion to the magnitude of surface disturbances to the incoming jet, and it is observed to occur only within a certain radial range, rather than along the entire film surface. A nondimensional group developed from inviscid capillary disturbance analysis of the circular jet successfully scales the splattering data, yielding predictive results for the onset of splattering and for the mass splattered. A momentum integral analysis incorporating the splattering results is used to formulate a prediction of local Nusselt number. Both the prediction and the experimental data reveal that the Nusselt number is enhanced for radial locations immediately following splattering, but falls below the nonsplattering Nusselt number at larger radii. The turbulent heat transfer enhancement upstream of splattering is also characterized.

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